5 Essential Guidelines to Choosing a Professional SEO Expert

Are you struggling to put your website on the first page of Google, Yahoo and Bing search results? Read on for some online marketing strategies that will give you exactly what you have been wishing for. In this day and age, if your website is not on the first page of these three major search engines, then it is possible that internet users don’t even know you exist.

When it comes to boosting sales and increasing brand awareness, search engine visibility is veryimportant. You have to make your website popular even with the internet flooding with thousands of similar websites. So the underlying question is, how do you beat these other websites and make your own appear in the first page of search engines results? Keep reading…

Some webmasters have the skill and the knowledge of how to market their websites and increase traffic to the site. However, this is not everyone’s cup of tea. So, if you lack the technical expertise or the time to improve your website’ssearch engine ranking, it is advisable that you hire a reliable and professional search engine optimization expert.

Here are 5important questions that you need to ask when choosing your SEO expert. Use these questions as your guideline to finding a reputable, reliable, experienced and trustworthy SEO consultant.

  • Who are your current and former clients?

A professional search engine optimization expert or consultant must be able to give you a list of his or her current and last clients with ease. The list should also include the clients’ contact details just in-case you need to get more details about the services offered. With such a list, you will be in a position to tell which SEO expert is effective and more likely to deliver when it comes to your SEO needs and expectations.

  • What will you do to improve my search engine ranking?

Please stay away from SEO experts who are reluctant to share their search engine optimization methods in detail. A professional search engine optimization consultant/expert should explain in detail his/her strategies to boost traffic and improve rankings, and how long it will take before you start seeing results.

When asking this question, ensure that you find a service provider whose strategies include reviewing your website beforehand and also weeding out any possible hindrances that might be causing your low search engine ranking. Also, go for an SEO expert who is able to provide both on-page and off-page SEO services because both improve your brand awareness to your customers

  • How often will you communicate with me regarding my website progress

Communication is very essential, especially when your business is on the line. Therefore, you need to find a professional expert with excellent communication skills and one whose communication approach best suits your needs.

Additionally, ask if the SEO expert prefers to communicate via phone, Skype, email or in person. You should also find out how often he or she will be able to reach out to you regarding your website status updates.

  • How much will you charge me and what are your payment terms?

Always ensure that you get an estimate of how much you will be spending before indulging in any business expenses. Yes, as obvious as this may seem, some people end up hiring SEO consultants without even talking about fee charges and/or payment terms.

However, the fact remains that SEO charges will definitely depend on the size and complexity of the work being done. However, you should also find a consultant whose fee charges and payment terms suit you.

  • Do you have what it takes to improve my local search engine ranking?

Are you running a small brick-and-motor business? If so, then your goal must be attracting as many nearby customers as possible. Well, this can be achieved by finding a professional SEO consultant who is capable of performing local search engine optimization.

Appearing in the top local search engine rankings is important for such businesses. With the best search engine optimization techniques, your website will always appear on the first page of local searches when someone nearby searches for keywords that are relevant to your website.