2017 Best WordPress Themes To Use For Your Small Business

If you are familiar with WordPress you will know that WordPress is an open source content management system. WordPress is actually used by about 25% to 30% of all of the websites online. These websites are extremely popular and can be customized to look exactly how you want. Once you install WordPress on your business website you can then install a custom WordPress theme which further enhances the look of the site.

While all WordPress themes can be customized and altered to your liking, it is incredibly important that you start with the theme that is similar to the final results you're looking for. There are many different WordPress themes out there and we want to review these themes and let you know our honest opinion on each of them.

Some website development companies start from scratch and some use a theme and then alter it. You can create a fantastic looking website that is user-friendly and mobile responsive with each of these options. We typically recommend working with a highly trusted WordPress theme because so much as of the hard labor is already done for you. Many of the following themes are fully SEO optimized, mobile responsive, user-friendly and have fantastic layouts.

No matter which theme you choose to work with, you can have hundreds of different styles associated with that theme. For example, the Bridge Theme can be purchased for around $60. Once you have purchased the Bridge WordPress theme you then have over 200 options of different website looks that you can easily import into your site. While there are industry-specific themes, we typically recommend that our Las Vegas businesses use the all in one WordPress theme solutions. What we mean is this, using a main theme like the Bridge or the Avada theme will allow you to create any looking website with that theme. With the demo import options you can easily import different looking websites like construction, law firm, e-commerce etc.

Our top favorite theme is called the Salient Theme which is developed specifically for WordPress websites. As a matter of fact, all of these themes that we are going to be talking about our for WordPress specific websites. The Salient theme is one of the top picks and for many different reasons. It is actually been around since March 2013 and has over 60,000 downloads. With this theme you can easily use short codes which allow you to develop a website extremely fast. They also offer a customized visual composer page builder which are highly recommended. If you have read our previous article about the visual composer plug-in you will have read that it is one of our top recommendations when building out a website.

Our second favorite theme that we want to talk about is the Avada Theme. Avada is actually one of the very best selling WordPress themes out of all of them in the world. It is highly recommended by hundreds of website development companies. Similar to the visual composer page builder the of Avada theme uses something called the fusion builder. What we really like about the Avada theme is that it comes with many different demo options so that you can easily create any type of site that you would like. Some WordPress themes only allow one demo import and then there are other themes like the Avada theme that have around 20 different options. Sometimes the customer support for theme purchases can be very slim but with the Avada theme they have many videos that you can watch that go over step-by-step processes in regards to specific website design.

If you are not going to use the visual composer page builder then we recommend that you go with the Enfold Theme. This is actually our #1 choice if you want a theme that does not use the visual composer. Enfold actually created its own type of page builder that is even easier to use than the visual composer plug-in. If you go to Theme Forest and compare all of the difference themes that are available you will notice that the Enfold theme actually has the highest reviews.

Our third favorite theme is called the Jupiter Theme. It is another very versatile theme that has been around for years. Not all website themes are coded well and not all of them have SEO friendly codes. The Jupiter theme is very well coded and another benefit is that it has an incredibly fast load time. You are probably aware that Google really favors website themes and websites in general that load quickly. Similar to the other themes the Jupiter theme also has many video tutorials and fantastic customer support.

If you are looking for the most well-rounded easiest to use theme that we recommend going with Bridge. The Bridge theme has over 200+ demos that you can easily import to your website. So let's say you are looking for a law firm based website, you can easily import any of the different law firm specific themes that are available with the Bridge purchase. The Bridge theme also has its own customized version of the visual composer which is another fantastic benefit. With 200+ demos to choose from you can create any type of website with the single Bridge theme purchase.

No matter what type of theme you purchase any of the previous recommendations are fantastic options for your business. If we had to say which theme is the best overall theme we would have to go with the Bridge theme as the #1 choice. The theme loads very quickly, has 200+ demos that can be imported into your WordPress site, uses the visual composer page builder and is mobile responsive. There are thousands of WordPress themes available, the ones we mentioned are some of our absolute favorites.