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Since 2007 we have been developing stunning WordPress websites for hundreds of different industries. We are a premier Las Vegas web design company providing best web design services in Las Vegas.  We develop websites that are fully mobile responsive and user-friendly. Our website development experts in Las Vegas develop custom strategies for each of the businesses we work with. Our websites not only look good, they are also search engine optimized which helps your website rank high in the search engines.



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For 10 years we have been seeing some of the same mistakes being made over and over again by local businesses. A lot of these businesses have a website created for them but have no SEO Marketing work done for their website. Having a professionally designed website is really only half the process of getting your website visible online. No matter what product or service you offer, no matter how competitively priced your business products and/or services are, your business will receive no online sales unless you are receiving high-quality traffic to your website frequently. Our company not only offers website development & web design services but also Las Vegas-based marketing services which will help grow your business tremendously.


We are not only a website development company but also an expert Search Engine Optimization company. We have found that many website development companies do not offer SEO marketing, if they do, they do very little for the new website they created. As we said earlier, all businesses that contact us will also need our SEO marketing services for their business. With our SEO package, we will rank your website to the top of the most popular search engines including Google, Bing and Yahoo for relevant niche keywords specifically for your business.


It is incredibly important to rank your website to the top of Google in order to bring traffic to your website. Increasing the amount of traffic your website receives will naturally bring an increased revenue stream to your local business. With the premiere marketing packages that we offer, we will be able to find the very best, most relevant, niche keywords for your business website that will highly increase the amount of traffic your website receives. By having this high amount of traffic you will be able to receive the highest return on investment. The good news is that our company specializes in both of these industries. We have been developing professional WordPress websites for over a decade. We have also been optimizing websites to the top of Google for over a decade. It is our highest recommendation to not only get a website designed for your business but to also purchase SEO services for your new website as well.


The reason why we developed Las Vegas Web Design CO.com in the first place is because we noticed many companies really lacked the professional skills and knowledge that is necessary in order to help local businesses as much as possible. We noticed that far too many businesses were opting for low-quality website design and black hat SEO marketing techniques. After hearing so many bad stories from the current clients that we work with, we decided to start our company in order to help solve this serious issue. This is one reason why our company is so successful. We provide the very best solutions for local businesses who not only need a website designed but fully optimized as well. No matter what products or services you offer, we can help your business thrive online.


When you combine our website development with our marketing services you will know you are doing the highest quality and most effective marketing job possible.  SEO marketing is a vital part of increasing the visibility of your website online. 90% of businesses will need both website development, web design, and SEO marketing services, they go hand in hand. If you are one of these businesses that need these services combined we offer fantastic pricing discounts. One of the benefits of having our company fully develop your site and optimize it is that we will be able to do things right from the beginning. If you are interested in internet marketing services, it’s also important that your website has been set up correctly. All of the websites that we offer are fully optimized from the beginning. Our websites are mobile responsive on all devices, they are user-friendly websites and very easy to navigate. We offer content-rich websites that Google loves. When you combine our professional design services with our internet marketing services your business will absolutely dominate the search engine rankings. Unfortunately, there are many local development companies here in Nevada that overcharge for their services. As a matter of fact, we have found that our combined services which are web design and SEO marketing are still significantly less expensive than some of the other local businesses. We would love to answer any of your questions that you have in regards to website development and SEO marketing. Our Experts are available to help local your company succeed!


Step 1 – We Talk About Your Website Development Needs

Every business has it’s own unique website development needs. Every business has unique insights and goals. We are here to cater our local businesses with our las vegas web design services. We are not a one size fits all type of company, rather we cater to each local business that we work with. We have been developing WordPress websites for 10 years and have hundreds of beautifully designed mobile responsive websites. Whether you are looking for a simple 3 page WordPress website to showcase your latest work and photo gallery, or looking for a deluxe E-Commerce platform we can develop what you are looking for with our design services.

Step 2 – We Develop A Custom Website For Your Business

We are expert web designers with a decade of experience. The good thing about working with us is that we listen to our clients and fully work with our clients throughout the design process to ensure that the outcome is to your standards. The websites we develop are with WordPress, which is the #1 CMS in the world. The websites we produce for our clients are mobile responsive, user-friendly and SEO optimized.

Step 3 – We Send You The Completed Website

Once we have completed your website and have implemented all the content into the website as well as added all the photos your company has sent us it’s time to review. Unlike some web design companies, we are here to help you perfect your website and to develop it just how you want. We make sure that our customers are more than happy with our design services! Once we have reviewed the website together we can then make any needed adjustments to the website in order to make it perfected for your companies needs.

Step 4 – Your Website Is Now Mobile Responsive And SEO Optimized

Now that the website is completed and to your specifications, we go through the entire website one more time making sure that each individual page is mobile responsive. Our websites are fully mobile responsive as well as user friendly. The website design services we offer are one of a kind. In addition to having a clean website layout we also fully optimize your website to make sure it will rank well in the search engines. Whether or not you go with our SEO service is up to your individual needs, either way your website will be fully optimized and ready for any SEO package in the future.



The average time to complete your website is from 2-4 weeks. We do 100% custom website development work and are committed to providing the best work for our clients. We prefer to under promise and over deliver when it comes to the time frame of completing the website as well as the professionalism of your new WordPress business website.


We provide full hosting services for our local clients. If you already have your domain name purchased you can keep it at your current registrar and we will help migrate the domain name servers over to the WordPress site upon completion.

Your company also has the option of allowing Las Vegas Web Design to fully host not just the website but also the domain name.

Our hosting package is $75 per month. This hosting package includes domain hosting, website hosting, email account setup and full WordPress website security scans that are done daily.  It also includes any WordPress updates and plug in updates to ensure that your companies website stays up to date and running flawlessly!


With more viewers now using mobile devices to browse the internet it is vital to have a website that is fully mobile responsive. And yes, all of our websites are fully responsive on all devices!


WordPress Development Experts In Las Vegas

There are many reasons why we choose WordPress as it’s CMS. WordPress was launched in 2003 as an open source platform. They are the most popular CMS platform today. WordPress is a lot more than just a blogging tool. WordPress is an open source software that is free to download and has hundreds of different uses. They have many website themes available that look bold and stunning. WordPress now owns about 25% of all websites online. This far out does any other website platform. On top of just using WordPress we can also use different plug-ins for this open source software to further enhance your website. For example when signing up for an SEO package we can literally optimize the website 100% and even create custom codes on your website to help you rank better on all of the most used search engines, Google being number one. With WordPress we can create professional business websites and company websites. Our web design experts can even create E-Commerce websites. No matter what products or services you are offering online our services are always created with WordPress. Since 2007 we have been developing websites and optimizing them to the top positions on Google’s search engine. No matter what look and layout you want your company’s website, we can accomplish exactly the look and layout you are going for. Whether you are looking for a simple five-page informational website or a deluxe 100 page detailed website that sells many products online we can develop this for your company. Our web design experts use WordPress to create almost any form of website.

Custom websites we can create especially for you:

  •  eCommerce Website
  •  Service/Appointment Booking Website
  •  Blog Website
  •  Video Website
  •  Photography Website
  •  Membership Website
  •  Directory Website
  •  Question And Answer Forum Website
  •  Knowledgebase/Wiki website
  •  Classified Ads Listing

Custom Mobile Responsive Website Development

Google is always updating and changing their algorithms.  One of the major updates that Google has come out with recently is that websites must be mobile responsive in order to rank high in the search engines. This update did not come as a surprise because a large percentage of our viewers are actually coming from a mobile device rather than a desktop or laptop computer. Many people are on the go all the time and are so busy that a lot of times the only way they can look something up online is by using their mobile device. If your website is not mobile responsive and user-friendly you are not going to have as many visitors to your website then if it was. All of our custom websites that we have developed are with WordPress and are fully mobile responsive. We do not charge extra to develop a mobile responsive website because we fill it is mandatory from the beginning. If you want a professionally built website for your company that will help you have a good online presence please choose from our three different website design packages to see which one would best suit your business. In order to rank high in the search engines, it is also important that your website is fully optimized and mobile responsive. When you sign up for our SEO marketing package we ensure that your website is fully optimized and mobile-ready. Doing this will secure your website the highest possible rankings for your targeted keywords. If you need your existing website optimized or mobile responsive we can develop this for you without having to do an entirely new website.

E-Commerce Online Shopping Development Services

Does your business need to sell products online? Do you have a product or service that you want to get out on the web? No matter what type of E-Commerce website you are looking for, we can help develop it for your company. As a matter of fact our E-Commerce websites are extremely professional and have a very clean user-friendly layout. We create custom shopping carts that are easy to use for you and your customers. Our WordPress E-Commerce websites have a much better look and feel as compared to the standard do-it-yourself shopping cart sites. Our E-Commerce websites come fully optimized so that they can rank higher in the search engines. We do all it takes to ensure that you are going to sell your products or services consistently online. Believe it or not back in 2005 we started out selling products online. We started selling men’s wedding bands online and quickly realized that many of the website platforms that are out there are not capable and not as professional as they should be. Over time we evolved into a full WordPress website development company and search engine optimization company. The heart and soul of our company is website design and SEO marketing. We have a decade of online selling experience and can help your company excel online.  Our marketing and website design experts will be glad to help you out with increasing your online presence. Give us a call today for a free analysis!

Complete Website Maintenance Services

Let us explain the difference between our website hosting package and our website maintenance services. Our website hosting package which is $75 per month ensures that your website files, plug-ins, WordPress, website security, email setup and more stays up to date and running flawlessly. This is something we recommend for all businesses to sign up with us in the Nevada area. The second service that we offer is our maintenance services. Our maintenance services are great for companies that need frequent updates done on their website on a week to week or month to month basis. If your website is constantly evolving and changing on the Internet it is extremely important to hire the same company that developed your website to make these changes for you. If you need a new photo gallery added, new content added, testimonials added a new page added or custom codes added to your website, will take care of it all. Many businesses do not have the time to deal with all the hassle of updating their site on a frequent basis. Fortunately, with our maintenance package you can ensure that your website stays up and running efficiently and effectively. Not only that but we also will make sure that your site stays up to date and has fresh unique content. Once your website has been developed and designed with our services, please contact us if you ever need website changes done or if you want to learn more about our maintenance services.

Worry Free Website Hosting

We really like talking about our worry-free website hosting package which is $75 per month. The reason we talk about it so much to our clients is simply this. Is $75 per month worth it in order to make sure that your website stays up and running efficiently and that it never gets hacked into? In our opinion if you have a legitimate business it is worth the small investment on a month-to-month basis to make sure that you do not have any website security issues. With our website hosting package we do daily scans of your website to check for any malware or security threats that might’ve come in. Word press has more than 25% of the market share and unfortunately they are targeted fairly heavily by hackers across the world. We do daily websites scans with our security software that make sure that your website will not get hacked into and will not have any issues. In addition we offer complete word press posting services which are extremely easy to manage. We take care of all the WordPress updates, the plug-in updates for your website and more! In addition if your company needs specific email set up we handle all of that for you as well. Our worry-free website hosting package is an all in one hosting package. You will not need to spend extra money on security software which can cost hundreds of dollars per year, you will not need to pay for a monthly paid email account or hire another company to take care of your word press were plug-in files. We have learned over the past 10 years we have been in business that it really does pay off and it is worth it to make sure that your site has at least a 99.99% up-time on the Internet. If you want to have a trouble-free website please contact us. We will be happy to inform you about our website hosting/security and web design services.

User Friendly Website Development

We really stand out when it comes to UX and UI development. As you probably are aware we specialize in WordPress development for businesses. The matter what type of website your company is looking for we can help develop this for you. We do take it to steps further with these additional add on’s.

First let’s talk about UX website development what it is and why you need it. You ask is all about the user experience when a viewer goes to your website. What does your website display to them and how do they still and what are their emotions when viewing your website.

Is your website easy to use and us have a clear message about your brand or product? You ask is not just about your website components and the theme or custom coding that is done but the overall interaction and experience that the user has while viewing your website.

Now let’s move onto the UI part of website development. UI is All about the controls, sliders, buttons etc. that are displayed on your website. As a matter of fact it goes hand-in-hand with the UX website development part of things. UI is incredibly important because it helps your user or viewer on your business website to have a positive user experience and this is what it stands for. You want your website to have a very clear message and have a clean non-distracting layout. This supplies for the front and back end side of your WordPress website. It’s important to make sure that your website is consistent across all the webpages and that it is easy to navigate and easy to find the pages and content that you are looking for. We all know what happens when we get to a jumbled website and how it takes far too long to navigate. Another component of UI is having a mobile responsive website can be viewed on any device. If you have a website that only looks good on a desktop computer on different phones and tablets and obviously your user experience is going to be diminished.

The websites that we create are both UI and UX developed to ensure that your readers and potential customers have a positive experience on your website. To learn more about our marketing packages please visit our pricing page to learn more.


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